Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Ring A Week - Week 2

Week 2 of our Ring A Week project.

Something fun and playful.

A lot of my time in my studio is now spent "producing" - making pieces to fill orders and get into more stores. I still love the process of making every piece, but I don't just get to "play" that often anymore. This Ring a Week project is giving me space to play and rekindle for me the magic that I feel when I am in a space with no creative limits.

This ring is made from sterling silver square wire, which I have blackened. I've soldered a piece of copper tubing to the ring shank and in the copper tubing is a flower that I've created using paper and pressed flower petals.

Ring a Week
Ring A week
ring a week patsy kolesar

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  1. It's great Patsy! I totally agree with getting to play in the studio. I always struggle with "naming" any of my work, and now I'm finding giving a ring a title is tapping into a whole other world for me.