Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Ring A Week Exhibition This Weekend!!!!!!!

5 Artists
28 Weeks
140 One of a Kind Rings

The Onion Studio Building 1103 Union Street

On exhibit and for sale at this weekend's Eastside Culture Crawl.

Friday November 18th 5-10
Saturday November 19th 11-6
Sunday November 20th 11-6


  1. Creative! I missed the crawl. Am going to put it in my diary so I don't miss it next year!

  2. Hi Tina,
    Yes, please do! The Crawl is so much fun. I email reminders about it, so if you want to sign up for my newsletter you will get a little reminder from me as well.

  3. You are a talented artist. Love your rings. I always say I am going to wear more rings...I like rings. I also love it when people wear multiple rings.

    1. Thanks so much Kristi! I have lots of great photos from the exhibition that I will post soon.