Monday, May 14, 2012

My Biggest Struggle With Creating Is My Mind....

I have been at OBRAS artist residency in Renkum, Holland since the beginning of April.  My goal was to create 30 new one of a kind pieces while I was here.  I'm not sure if I will reach 30 will be close. 
My biggest struggle with creating here has been my mind.  Big surprise.  I keep saying these things to myself "Just play, explore, experiment, take risks, try new things"....."but, what am I doing? Is this going to become a sellable line? How am I going to make money?"   It's like the 2 sides of my brain are debating inside of me.  
I try to remember what Heidi Schwegler said when I heard her speak about doing 4 artist residencies in 1 year, at last years SNAG conference.  She said that the real work happened when she returned from the residency and she learned that her job at the residency was to take in as much information as she could - to take photos, to explore,  and to really take the time to see things.  
I've spent a lot of time creating at my studio space here in Renkum, but I have also taken the time to really see things.....
At a Farmers Market on my trip to Prague.  Hippy boys and hot metal.
Prague, earth, buildings, sky.
Prague, The importance of inviting beauty inside. 
kroller muller museum
Sculpture Park, Kroller Muller Museum, Holland. 
sculpture park, kroller muller museum


  1. Those sculptures are great! That is the perfect quote to keep in mind...when you get back, all of the sights and inspirations are going to bloom up out of you!!

    1. Thanks Simone! Yes, those sculptures were incredible - They were taken at the Kroller Muller Museum. They have an amazing sculpture garden/forest. It was really cool to see all of these crazy sculptures in the middle of a forest.

  2. It must be overwhelming to be in a new place. I think it's natural to want to explore it and absorb it...but it can't be easy to suddenly switch to creating unless your residency was 6 months or a year. I think the newness of the place, the thrill of being there just takes over your senses. So Heidi must be right, when you return things will really start to sink in.

    Thank you for the mail art!! I loved it. It had a very artistic feel to it.

    1. Hi Laura! Glad you loved the mail art, it was fun to make.
      Julia suggested to me that I should look at it as if I am creating "sketches" here - so pieces of jewelry that may inspire more when I get home. I really liked that description for what I have done here.