Friday, May 14, 2010

Alternative Wedding Dresses - a few of my favourites

Finding alternative wedding dresses and alternative wedding jewelry can be hard. There is so much of the "other" to wade through that it can be a lot of work finding something truly unique. I thought I would share with you some of my favourite alternative wedding dresses of the moment. Enjoy!

alternative wedding dress This one is my favourite from Elizabeth Dye's 2010 bridal collection "Heroines"
I am actually in love with her whole collection, it was very hard to pick a favourite.

alternative wedding dressThis amazing silk skirt, top, and belt is by the Norwegian designer Oleana. Oleana makes these gorgeous silk pieces in a variety of rich colours that are perfect for a unique wedding day.

This dress is from the 2010 bridal collection of Alabama Chanin. Each of their pieces is made by hand, using a combination of new, organic, and recycled materials. The hand detailing on this dress is incredibly intricate and unusual.

Love Story Necklace patsy kay kolesarA one of a kind Love Story Necklace (above) or Cherry Blossom Necklace (below) would add the perfect finishing touch to any one of these alternative wedding dresses.
alternative wedding necklace canada


  1. I love the last dress here. It is absolutely beautiful! I have chosen to go with a locally made custom dress for my wedding - it just makes sense for me. Alabama Chanin has a beautiful eye!

  2. Hi Colleen! Yes! The Alabama Chanin collection is incredible. Glad you enjoyed them.
    I think going with locally made is fabulous!