Saturday, May 8, 2010

Love Story Necklace Contest Closing

Friday was the closing date for my Love Story Necklace Contest, originally launched on Offbeat - where I asked brides-to-be to tell me their love story to try to win a custom made one of a kind Love Story Necklace. I am excited to pick a winner. I am also a little sad that I won't have beautiful love stories in my inbox every day.
How amazing, how complex, how exciting, how confusing, how incredible love is. I feel so touched that so many women were open and honest and shared their love stories with me. There is such beauty in each of them. Through reading all of the loves stories I have learned that our ability to love surpasses any amount of pain and heartache that we go through. I feel so touched and honored to have read each of the love stories that I received. Now, for the hard part, picking the winner....I'll keep you posted. I will be consulting with my creative team this week, I will be announcing the winner next week.

sterling silver wedding necklace


  1. Stories are so important. I am trying to capture stories and memories behind a dress on my blog Memories of a Dress.
    Your jewelery is beautiful! I too love colour, pattern and all things pretty.
    Thank you for leaving me a comment about my post on shoes as art. However, the link did not work. Can you please resend?

  2. Hi Ingrid,
    Thank-you so much. It sounds like we have a lot in common! The designer is Violise Lunn from Denmark. Her website is
    Go to her "paper shoes" section - they are divine! Her dresses in her "paper works" section are pretty special as well.

  3. I'm dying to find out who won!! *crosses fingers*