Saturday, June 12, 2010

You Are A Beautiful Freak

I have had some great conversations with some amazing women in my life this week about risk taking and embracing our unique selves.

I have always felt a little bit like a freak. I have never chosen the easy path in life, the straight road, the road that society feels comfortable around. I have been a vegan for 12 years. I worked for 5 years of my life in feminist women's centres. When I was 28 I took a giant leap and went back to school to pursue a career as a jewelry artist.

There are times when I am at a restaurant trying to devise a vegan meal from a meat and dairy heavy menu, when I will tell the server that I am allergic to dairy. For some reason, I think that I will be taken less seriously as a vegan. In my mind I see the server going back to the kitchen and snickering to the chef that there is a freaky vegan in the restaurant tonight.

I am often told by people that the way to make money as a jeweler is to cast everything. To mass produce. To come up with a simple design, make a mold, and produce it over and over again. Yet, still I continue to make every piece with my own two hands, too make pieces that are one of a kind, and to push myself to continuously come up with unique, original jewelry designs.

What I have learned in the past few months of my life is that I need to trust who I am. I need to embrace my freak, not apologize for it. I need to to trust my instinct. Trust that there is many other people who embrace the unique, who want jewelry that is one of a kind, who will buy jewelry that is authentic, and made by hand. Trust that other people are also embracing what is freakish or different about themselves and honoring it.

On my living room wall I have these two Papaya Art panel prints with a mirror beside them. Every time I look in the mirror, I am reminded that I am a beautiful freak. A big thank you to all of you other beautiful freaks out there! You inspire me!

For some more beautiful and unique inspiration this week check out Papaya Art Designer Anahata Katkin's blog.


  1. AnonymousJune 13, 2010

    Great post Patsy! I admire that you are willing to stick to your ideas, making one piece at a time! I can really relate to that experience of not wanting to do what others think is right or makes more sense. There has to be more than one way of being.

  2. Exactly Laura! There has to more than one way of doing things!

  3. I have one of her cards framed in my craft room! It says grace on it with a crown and wings! I love the art!

  4. I have a slight obsession with Papaya Art.
    I have four of their prints in my bedroom and these two in my living room. I also carry around one of their bags and use their sketchbooks. slight obsession. :)

  5. I love what you wrote. There is something so amazing about surrendering to who you are and just grooving with it.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Oh, Papaya Art... a new obsession for sure!

    I love that you are embracing your inner freak! I think that the culture of handmade is bleeding into the general public and people are looking more and more for handmade items that incorporate the unique world view or vision of the creator.

    I am drawn to those "weirdos" who make a life for themselves that is different than the norm. Let your freak flag fly! It's beautiful!

  7. AnonymousJune 19, 2010

    I will be so curious to see how you market your biz over the next year.

    I'm thinking about all these things too..... personal vision, leadership, tribes, niche, ect.

    Papaya Art is cool! I've always been inspired by Sabrina Ward Harrison!