Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What Love is.......

Some musings about Love.....

I'm often moved by words. Recently while reading one of Danielle Laportes inspiring posts I was struck by this one sentence:
"But at this point, I'm tender and tough enough to know what love is and isn't".

I would like to think that I always know what love is and what love isn't. I think deep down I do know, I should know by now............shouldn't I?

I'm in my early 30's...and I like being here. Pain hurts a bit more, but only because I now have the ability to let it hurt, to feel it, to dive the fuck into it and come out stronger. Joy feels incredible, but only because I know how devastating life can feel without joy, and I make sure to do things that make me smile, laugh, and soar.
I have figured out some big things.....I've done some hard work, I've looked at some of my pretty dark and twisted places, I've accepted things about me that may always be flaws, I've accepted things about me that are amazing, incredible, strength. So, why don't I always know what love is and isn't? Why do I sometimes still allow things into my life that bring me down? Why do I still doubt myself sometimes and not trust the voice that is telling me what love is and what it isn't?

I want to always know what love is. I want love to be truth. I want love to be honesty. I want love to move me, to challenge me, to lift me higher. I want my art to be filled with love and my love to be filled with art.

Here are a few things that I love.....and things that bring me love:

  • Brooke Castillo's Blog - Personal Coach - her blog posts always seem to come at the exactly right moment in my life.
  • Yoga in Daily Life - My yoga center - This is pure LOVE.
  • Kate England - Artist who designs beautiful and functional icons - I love hearing about her design process and I fantasize about being as organized as she must be one day.
  • Peregrine Honig - Artist who I fell in love with through watching Bravo's Work of Art - there is something about her work that makes me a little breathless.
  • Kathleen Edwards - Canadian Alt Country signer - LOVE her, her voice moves me.


  1. Thanks for the mini-vacation! I just listened to Kathleen's music while reading Brooke's Blog.

    I bookmarked Brooke's advice,
    “ Give yourself permission to follow the fun. ”

    I agree, Kate's organization is impressive!

  2. I too loved Brookes post on giving yourself permission to follow the fun.

    Happy that you enjoyed your mini-vacation, i'm delighted that i helped with it!

  3. You wrote so beautifully about letting love and intuition guide you!

    I've bookmarked Brooke Castillo's Blog and love Kathleen's music! Yes, yoga... love it too, and it's so soulful!

    Many, many thanks for the link love!!! I'm very moved by your kindness!

  4. " Pain hurts a bit more, but only because I now have the ability to let it hurt, to feel it..." This is ridiculously insightful and true! Pain does hurt - it's pain but what I've come to know is it hurts more when we don't allow ourselves to feel it and by doing do move past it. It hurts more when we deny our bodies, heart and minds the truth - it hurt - because we carry it around longer - as long as it takes for us to address the hurt - tend to it's wound, it's always better to address it the moment it happened, helps to prevent infection and bitterness. Also allows for the best part to come faster - healing and insight - the awareness of where we are going and how we are to get there - in that moment.

    thanks for this awesome lil'post!