Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Love Story Necklace Contest

I am so excited to be announcing.....
The Love Story Necklace Contest

The Love Story Necklace, just like any great love story is complicated. It has twists and turns, highs and lows, and has been hammered and polished.
It is the perfect necklace for a bride who has been through a lot but who has always believed in finding her true love.

The idea for the Love Story Necklace came to me when I realized that my favorite love stories are often complex and drawn out. I spent a weekend doing research. I watched all of my favorite romantic movies, the ones that have shaped my ideals of love, and I became inspired to create unique pieces of art that honored the curving, unique path that relationships can take us on.

The pieces that resulted were intricate, bold and highly original. Constructed from sterling silver, colourful enamel, and freshwater pearls, each Love Story Necklace, just like the story it was inspired by is truly one of a kind.

If you think that a Love Story Necklace is perfect for you, and you want to wear one on your wedding day, here’s your chance – all you have to do is tell me your love story in a maximum of 800 words.

My creative team and I will read the submissions and choose the one we feel most inspired by, and I will create a Love Story necklace based on it. The winning love story will receive a custom-made Love Story Necklace valued at $450, and the story will be posted on my blog. Good luck!

Contest details:

To enter please tell me:
1. Your love story in up to 800 words
2. Your wedding date
3. Please include a photo of you and your fiance

Submissions will be accepted until May 7th 2010.
Winner will be notified by May 21st 2010

Please send submissions to info@pkkdesign.com

Love Story Necklace

Jewelry - Patsy Kay Kolesar Design
Photography - Abbye Dahl
Model - Jen Ryley JK Models
Hair Stylist - Natalia Pectu
Make-up Artist - Meagan Davidson


  1. I am not engaged, but I just wanted to tell you your jewelery is GORGEOUS.

    Also, you are asking your readers to include a photo of you and your finance. Teehee. ^__^

  2. Too funny! Thanks for noticing that Shelley!
    No one has sent me a photo of their bank statements yet, but there's still time....:)haha

    Thank-you for calling my jewelry gorgeous! Please sign up for my newsletter or facebook fan page, as I will have a contest in the future that's not just for brides-to-be.

  3. Lauren McKennaApril 15, 2010

    I just emailed you with my contest entry, It ended up taking quite a bit of effort!

    Your jewelery is breathtaking :)

  4. Thanks so much Lauren.

    I so appreciate you sharing your love story with me.

  5. Wow - Love that amazing necklace! I will definitely have to sit down and write out my love story - need a good night's sleep first, though.

    The dress is perfect, too. When I was looking for a dress, I desperately wanted one in that color!

  6. Thank-you Joey. Yes, the dress is in that dreamy perfect shade of sky blue.

  7. Thank you so much for this contest - we had such a good time reliving our story as we put it into words. :)