Saturday, August 21, 2010

Facing Forward and Self Relfection

I have been designing new jewelry pieces inspired by my theme for the sketchbook project, Facing Forward.

For the past while I have been designing jewelry inspired by love stories. I have been in a very self-reflective place. being uncertain. being doubtful. being hopeful. being in awe... of love. I have been meditating,practicing yoga, and figuring some shit out.

I started to wonder if it was possible to still be self reflective while facing forward? and what does self reflective look like? what does facing forward look like? I started sketching ideas for earrings that represented both of these themes........

My design for self reflection had to feel a little twisty, circular, curvy, deep, and beautiful. My design for facing forward had to remind me of birds. birds have made themselves very present in my life the last number of months. My beautiful Papaya art prints around my home have uplifted me every time i look at them. and I have seen eagles, cranes, humming birds and yellow finches all around me. The design had to be soaring, wing like, clean lines, beak like, bold, strong.

Lots of ideas. I spent a day playing in my studio and decided that these two designs are my favourite. I have been wearing them around proudly the last few days.

Facing Forward Earring
sterling silver earring
Self Reflection
sterling silver earring


  1. I love you friend, your thought and pieces of art are inspiring

  2. Hi Patsy, I found your blog via Handmade Evolution and love your designs/jewlrey. And how clever to use your sketchbook! :) I just recently joined also.

    I created a special blog for bloggie artists to join specifically for the Sketchbook project. I would love to add you….FREE marketing for your art and a place to share in the journey and meet new bloggie artists and friends. You can find it here:

    If you would like to join, please email me and I will add you to the blog to post whenever you would like.

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Hi Patsy...just read your comment. Excellent! I sent you an invite to be an author on the blog.

    Please stop back by and click on "follow" so others can see you and find your blog easily.

    I am TOTALLY looking forward to this journey with you, as well as getting to know you. :)

    Take care.

  4. Absolutely beautiful work, again! Are you using your sketchbook (from the project) for your design sketches?

    It's so interesting to hear about your thoughts behind your process. Facing forward, and self reflection are very evocative ideas and actually a great combination.

    To me, even your Self Reflection earring reminds me of a bird, with its wings spread out...

  5. Thank you all. Kate to answer your question about if I am using my sketchbook project sketchbook here is my first post on the Doodleheads blog that talks about my fear of using that sketchbook!

    And thank-you, I see the wings spread out in self reflection now. nice.

  6. I looked up these words as a response to seeing your new designs......

    from Betty Bethards'
    The Dream Book: Symbols for Self-Understanding


    Trinity; body, mind and spirit. Power, integration and balance

    Aspiration: energy directed toward a goal. A straight course for swift and easy accomplishment

    Freedom. Soar to new heights. no limitations. Through awakening spiritual consciousness there in nothing you cannot achieve


    To be riding a wave is moving on powerful feelings, emotions. Sitting on the shore watching waves suggests drawing energy into self for renewal and recharging. Changes, going up and down. To wave at someone is acknowledgment, greeting, love.

    Emotional energy. Whether clean, murky, still or choppy shows emotional state

    Map out your direction; plan, create.

    One of the seven major energy centers in etheric body: energy transformer.

  7. Wow, love love love the dream symbols! Thank you so much for taking the time to look them up for me. They are totally resonating with me - could be very useful for my marketing of these new designs.