Monday, August 9, 2010

The Sketchbook Project

A couple of months ago I came across the Sketchbook Project. "It's like a concert tour but with sketchbooks", how cool is that? Anyone can be a part of it, you just pick your theme, order your sketchbook for $25, fill it and send it back to them by Jan 2011. They take the sketchbooks on a cross country art tour and afterwards all of sketchbooks become property of the Brooklyn Art Library. Pretty much the coolest project ever. It took me two weeks to pick my theme, I know that they say that the theme is "loose", but having a few rules in life has always helped me focus. I finally chose "Facing Forward" whooh, yup, facing forward.........My life has been in the digging deep, reflective, self-discovery stage now for a little while and I'm pretty sure that it's time to face forward.

My sketchbook is gray with lovely white pages.....I have a bit of a thing for sketchbooks, art supply stores, stationary stores.....something about the that really weird?

I thought I would show you some pics of my other sketchbooks, I rarely have only one on the go.....and when I fill one up I could never throw it away.

They have over 10,000 people who have signed up so far to be a part of the Sketchbook Project. I think that there is something amazing knowing that so many people around the world will be sketching away, filling these little books with a piece of themselves. All with a collective goal in mind. I would love for all of you to be a part of this project too and share your process with me a bit. I will be posting photos from my sketchbook once I start filling it......There is something about taking my pen to that very first page that is a little scary, exciting, bold. I will let you know when I get there!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I've been looking for a new project to get involved in! I am so in! I went to the site and have been sitting with the themes. There is so many to choose from, two that really stick out out are I'm sorry I forgot you (which reminds me of what someone might say to their Soul or Dreams) and Great hopes and massive failures. I think I will be going with the later. I have to admit though, giving the sketchbook back once complete will be a challenge in and of its self. I rarely throw away sketchbooks, notebooks, journals that are filled with drawings, insights, inspirations, etc. It's because writing and creating for me are meditation and during that process very little me is there, something more comes into play and during that moment - I want for nothing. It's as if I disappear into nothing, no worry, no hunger, no thirst, no thoughts just me and the dissolve. IT's during these times I feel I hear clearer and often times when coming back from that nothing find great treats on the page and encouraging messages that make me go - wow - that came from somewhere inside moi? can't be true... anyways, those moments are intimate and provide a testament to something deeper than lil'ole me - i know that may sound weird but it's true. i think it will be good to catch and release this journal. Thank you so much for sharing your various sketchbooks. I'm always intrigued to know if others have an obsession with paper and ink the way I do and it seems as if I found another who is just as inspired by the blank page, literally - stationary etc. as me - thanks again! This was a great read.
    All My Best,

  2. I know Stephey, the sending it back to them part is going to be very hard for me too. Whenever I finish up a sketchbook, draw on that last final lovely page it makes me a little sad. This friend that i've put so much of myself into over a few months is full and it's time to move onto a new one. hahaha so bizarre. It will for sure feel like sending a little piece of myself away, but knowing that it will be a part of the Brooklyn Art Library will feel pretty freaking cool. :)

  3. thanks for sharing patsy! i have been thinking i need to do this, just haven't committed just yet. seeing all of your other journals was fun too!

  4. Okay I had to stop by and share that I decided on my theme - Lights in the distance - soo excited about this. thanks again for sharing and yes, you're right it is sad to finish a lil'book and cool that it will become a part of the Brooklyn Art Library. This is a journey in and of itself - create and release. ;)

  5. This is such a fun project and I know what you mean about having a passion for stationery and art supplies!

    I hope you'll show us some of what you create here on your blog, Patsy?

  6. Here are some inspirational art journal flickr groups where you can join and share images also..

  7. Yes, I will be sharing pages from my project soon. Thanks for the great inspiring links Rebecca!

  8. ok, that's IT! I keep reading about this but have yet to act on it. I'm signing up!
    I like the theme you chose, and the reason why. I may have a tough time with the decision, too.

    I chuckled when I read that you love the smell of art supply stores. Me too! and probably most artists. I also love the smell of art departments at schools. It's infectious. Somebody should make a candle of that scent and see it to artists. I would burn it all day long :)