Monday, August 2, 2010

The What We've Created Brooch

About a month ago my Dad asked me if I could make a piece of jewelry for him to give to my Mom for their 40th wedding anniversary. My Dad is usually the pots and pans type of gift giver so I was shocked, touched, and delighted to take on such an amazing project. I spent a lot of time thinking about what to make, what was special enough for this moment, what spending 40 years with someone meant........

This is what I ended up making,

"The What We've Created Brooch"

What we've created in 40 years is a home that echoes with laughter long after the Christmas decorations are packed away and the Bar-b-q's are done for the Summer.

What we've created is two strong, compassionate daughters who have never doubted for a moment that they have incredible love and strength to catch them when they stumble and push them gently when they need support.

What we've created is a house filled with love and new giggles of a very special grandchild and another on the way.

What we've created is a love that is true and committed and a friendship that has grown stronger and stronger throughout 40 years.

Their anniversary was yesterday, August 1st. My Mom was overjoyed with the gift, and in shock that it had been my Dad's idea. My Mom gave my Dad a card....My Dad is now gloating that he is "one up" on my Mom in the gift giving department, hehehe. I sure hope to be able to still be laughing with someone after sharing 40 years with them.
The brooch is made from sterling silver that I have hammered, twisted and blackened. It is, of course embellished with pearls and a bright red enameled disk. The wall piece is made from copper, which I have enameled and made a special little place for the brooch to clip in when it is not being worn.


  1. Patsy, I'm so moved by this! There's tears in my eyes...

    This piece is so beautiful, and so is the story. Your talent for telling epic love stories is stunning! I really love how you created this wall piece as part of the gift, it makes it wall art as well as wearable love! I'm absolutely blown away!

  2. Ohmigosh, how sweet and cute is your dad?? The piece turned out beautifully, and I bet it's going to be treasured by your mom for years to come.

  3. Breath taking - literally. wow. There is such a strength and focus in your work and writing. it's no easy feat to take the ethers and rummage around for 40 years of sentiment, heart and truth, make choices and then brings those ethers of love dust into being shining brightly in silver + pearls + displayed with function + form. i love the way you think!

    This may sound s bit dramatic but hey, I'm okay with that.
    Thanks for sharing this amazing heirloom.

    PS: Couldn't not - not say how much i resonated with "a home that echoes with laughter long after the Christmas decorations are packed away and the Bar-b-q's are done for the Summer. " It took me immediately back to the abundance of laughter amongst wrapping paper and summer (anytime really) grilling. now that's a creation. none better than laughter that echoes in the heart. i have a saying painted on the back of my front door, it reads the following: And each heart is whispering, home, home, home at last."

    Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your echoed halls of laughter, no better home than that.

  4. And now it is my turn to tear up. A sincerest thank-you for your inspiring comments on my work. It is so very appreciated to know that others are watching, looking, reading, liking, being moved by what makes my world incredible.
    With Love and Gratitude,

  5. Wow Patsy -- what a spectacular tribute to your parents' marriage.

    I realized yesterday that my parents have also been married for 40 years -- my mom has hinted at the various milestones (anniversary #25 and #30 especially) about how their friends' kids have thrown celebration parties at the big number milestones... unfortunately, my sister and I have viewed my parents' marriage as something that should not be celebrated.

    We used to --well, I still do -- wish for a divorce for them instead. I would love to see my parents happy, and their marriage has not been good for either one of them. Of course, one can never know what exactly is going on in a marriage, not even the children: I love them both very much and I certainly don't think I know better than them the reasons for staying together.

    Parents usually want their children to be happy; I believe it works the other way, too.

    Because my parents' marriage has been such a weird thing to witness, I have very mixed feelings about marriage and the celebration of "milestones", as longevity does not always mean quality. Perhaps this is also why I feel so awkward when someone congratulates me on my 10 years together with my guy, as I don't know if the number of years together really accurately reflects who we are or what our relationship is.

    And of course there are some people who dismiss our relationship entirely since we're not officially married -- 10 years don't mean a thing unless you've got a license to legitimize it!

    All of that to say it makes me happy to know that there are people, like your parents, who are happy to be together, and have created such strong and healthy relationships.

    Congratulations to your parents! And the brooch looks gorgeous!

  6. Patsy you have outdone yourself yet again! It is absolutely wonderful! Your mom is a very lucky lady. This was a very emotional read for me. I may have teared up just a little. Hopefully we will all be in a position to experience something as beautiful and as touching as this in the years to come.


  7. Patsy! You must be so proud of yourself. The piece itself is stunning, and the words you wrote to go with it are honest and moving. I feel. Like I know you a little better now.
    I also LOVE your idea to create a special place for it to be kept, too. The copper plaque is so cool!

  8. Your Mom and Dad must be so proud!

    I love the red!

  9. Thank-you again Everyone for your supportive comments on this piece. Kirstie, I consider it quite the feat to make you tear up! he he.
    Carrie - Yes, I'm very blessed to have had parents who have shown me what a respectful, loving partnership can look like. They still kiss each other good morning everyday, and I don't remember ever seeing them really fight. I'm very blessed and I appreciate that every day. You are so right that longevity in a relationship doesn't always mean a good relationship. Relationships are so complex.....